Theme Park Accidents

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This little boy lost part of his foot after sticking it out of the ride too early. The worst part is, Disney did not want to fess up to the accident. Sure, both parties were at fault here, but keeping it under wraps is not the way to go. The more you try to hide something, the more curious people will be about it. And Disney has quite the track record when it comes to trying to keep things quiet.

Fair ride collapse brings back memories of 1967 tragedy →

No one was injured in the accident that took place this past weekend, but what I find interesting is the fact that in 1967, there were no safety laws in place for fair rides. It took the death of a young woman to change that. And even though laws have changed since then, we still see so many horrific accidents. Why do people want to go on these so badly?!

This is a sufficiently terrifying compilation of videos of amusement park accidents. Some of the footage is pretty graphic.

Mindbender indoor roller coaster accident →

I’m choosing to ignore the spelling mishaps in this article, simply because someone posted a first-hand account of the incident underneath the story. Their description of the event is absolutely chilling. It’s one of those “it could have been me” moments.

And while it might be paranoia, that’s what I think about when I choose not to ride coasters. Because, well, it could happen to any of us. And I’d rather not take my chances.

Expoland, Japan, accident kills one, injures 21 →

This accident always freaks me out. Probably because of the graphic pictures. This site has two different versions of the story, but the compilation of photos from the incident was the best one I could find.

Child in Russia falls from Ferris Wheel, dies →

Also, the bystanders in this video are assholes. If you see a kid in trouble, don’t laugh at him. ESPECIALLY if he’s about to fall to his death.

I hate people.

Girl in Jersey dies after falling from Ferris Wheel.

Disney World Accidents →

Think Disney is all fun and games? Well, just because they’re great at keeping the press off their backs when something happens, doesn’t mean things DON’T happen.